Hi! I’m Jane and I’m a creative documentary photographer based in the quiet village of Henlow,  Bedfordshire,  but I shoot weddings and families all over the UK.

I live in a cosy (aka- tiny!) old house with my husband Chris, our two children, Amelie (8) and Isaac (5), my ever growing collection of house plants and far too many cushions for my husband’s liking. 

My favourite things are reading, laughing, running, hot baths and holidays.  I love the sea and nothing makes me happier than a blustery walk on the beach, its good for the soul! Most family weekends for us will involve an outdoor adventure or two, a game of exploding kittens (a family favourite!) and when I’m not shooting weddings we can often be found in Scotland or Wales visiting our respective homelands and families.  

I wasn’t born with a camera in my hand, more likely a book - I am a total bookworm and I can inhale a book a day if I’m not busy. This love of stories definitely inspires my love photography. Books are brilliant but for me, photographs can tell a story in a way that words can’t; they are stories, records, memories and pieces of art rolled into one.  Weddings are full of stories waiting to be captured and retold and it is the BEST job to be able to do that! 

My style is relaxed and candid. I capture all the joyful and special moments and let you get on with having an excellent time. My couples are super laid back and the last thing they want is a photographer who bosses them about and makes them pose all day. Your wedding is all about love and laughter.  Its about doing it your way and celebrating with your favourite people, not tradition and expensive linen.   

If this sounds like you, and you want to chat about your wedding then have a look at my work and get in touch!